Cherry Pit Hot/Cold Packs - Heart Shape


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A simple and natural alternative!

The only washable all natural hot/cold pack filled with cleaned and dried cherry pits!

Another Perfect Pillow Co. product that uses an agricultural by-product.

100% cotton outer pillow casing with inner muslin lining filled with all natural dried cherry pits.

Size:  Heart shaped, approx. 10" x 11" (measured from longest part of heart shape) weighing approx, 1.5 lbs.

Use as a hot or cold pack.

To heat: Place entire pack in microwavable bowl and heat for approx 1-2 minutes (depending on pack size and your microwave).  DO NOT OVERHEAT - possible fire hazard.

To cool: Place entire pack in freezer for a few hours.


- Heart-shaped packs: Hand-wash entire pack in warm soapy water, rinse well and place in sunlight to air dry. 

Tip:  If air drying, move the filling around so it dries thoroughly.

Save when you purchase 2:  Keep one in freezer and the other for heating so there’s always one ready when you need it!

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