Eye Pillow Ensemble - Flax Seed Cold Pack


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A simple and natural alternative!

All natural Canadian grown flax seed fills this 100% cotton cold pack, made specifically for your eyes.

While reclining or laying down, apply this flax seed eye pillow cold pack onto your eyes and you will be amazed at how good it feels!

Freshen up those tired or puffy eyes or apply to your forehead when a headache or migraine hits.  Also works great as a cold compress anywhere - even stuffy noses and for sinus pain and congestion!

Perfect Pillow Co.'s Eye Pillow Ensemble includes:

  • hand-filled with 100% Canadian flax seed, cleaned well enough you could eat it!
  • inner 100% cotton casing (non-removable)
  • outer removable 100% cotton/hemp blend or 100% cotton eye pillow case, for easy washing
  • coordinating travel/cooling pouch - Protects your eye pillow while cooling- just leave the whole ensemble in the freezer so it's ready when you need it.  Pouch is very roomy to carry other items while travelling.


  • Do NOT heat this product.  If heated, the flax seed can release it's natural oil and may discolour fabric.
  • Do NOT wet this product.  If wet, discard product immediately by recycling in your green bin, as the seeds may become mouldy.

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