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Neck & Travel Pillows

Do you feel as though you need some support behind your neck while sitting or reclining?

Our neck and travel pillows are great to travel with - they are light and have removable cotton outer covers for easy cleaning.

We have two sizes of neck pillows available:

  • Large - filled with all natural, fluffy buckwheat hulls.  This is our most popular choice for Lazy-Boy owners!
  • Small - U-shaped filled with all natural buckwheat hulls.  This size is great for travel!

We also have a Travel size which is similar in shape to an airline pillow.  It also has a removable cotton cover.

This is a great choice for your little ones who are just starting out using a buckwheat hull pillow!

All neck and travel buckwheat hull pillows come in standard jewel toned colors available in: blue, green and fuschia.

Other colors may be available at different times throughout the year.