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Sleeping Pillows

Still can't find the perfect pillow?  Look no more!

Our hand-made buckwheat hull pillows provides a natural and passive support for your head and neck, all while maintaining proper alignment of your head, neck and spine.

We use 100% natural, "fluffy", North American grown buckwheat, which has gone through a 3 step cleaning process to ensure superior quality of the hulls.

Although you may find that buckwheat hull pillows vary greatly in price, here are some reasons why:

  • The de-hulling process used:
    "Fluffy" hulls are of superior quality.  When the 3-sided shell of the buckwheat is de-hulled (removing the shell from the seed) it should end up in 2 pieces; 1 piece should be 1 sided, and the other should be 2 sided.  The 2-sided ones are what we call the fluffy ones, which offer a better cushioning effect.  Inferior buckwheat hull pillows may have only the single sided hulls, which tends to make the pillow hard.  Using the entire seed with the shell as filling will definitely soon have dust mites/bugs and bacteria/mold. The quality of the buckwheat hulls used as filling will usually determines the retail selling price. 
  • The cleanliness of the buckwheat hulls:
    Clean buckwheat hulls are of superior quality. We use a 3 step cleaning process to ensure there is no seed, stalk or other debris present in the buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls are an inert substance meaning it has no nutritional value and also will not burn. If you find seeds or other debris within your buckwheat hull pillow, you will probably start to get dust mites as well as mold growth.
  • Source of cotton and raw materials:
    We use only North American raw materials; 100% cotton and hemp and 100% pure buckwheat hulls.  Beware of imported buckwheat hull pillows as most have been treated with chemicals before they reach you.  Our buckwheat hulls have no pesticides, preservatives or chemicals added.