Headaches and Migraine Reviews on Buckwheat Hull Pillows

08/04/2014: Cynthia L.

I knew I had needed a new pillow for a while. I used the curved foam pillows with neck support for years but it wasn't doing anything for me any more. I had constant neck issues and at after a 3-day headache I finally decided to try it. They said give it 5 nights, but I was sold after 1! I woke up the next morning and had more mobility in my neck than I'd had for weeks! I haven't had a headache since I started using it 2 weeks ago. It provides great neck support. The smell was a bit earthy but I didn't think it was bad, just used a good pillow protector and don't even notice it. My husband has a gel pillow and when it was new, we had to put it in a different room for a week until the smell and off-gassing subsided. I have already recommended it to several friends!


04/23/2014: Nancy R.

I have been using Buckwheat pillows for over 20 yrs. I purchased you pillow several years ago from you at Carlingwood Mall when I was visiting my sister(who used to call it my oat pillow) Your pillow was far superior to the one I was using. I suffered a spinal cord injury and your pillow has helped me immensely. No more headaches every morning and less pain in back and neck. Best of all my sister used it once and no longer calls it my oat pillow and drove to your place and bought one for herself!!!


03/16/2014: Darlene H.

Love the pillows they have reduced the number of headaches I get and my neck feels much better.


04/24/2013: Anonymous

My husband and I bought two buckwheat hull pillows from you about a month ago. My husband had been suffering from a sore neck for almost a week, and I was bothered by frequent headaches. I had a suspicion that my headaches had something to do with my pillow, as I often felt ousy in the morning. Well, holy cow! The soreness in my husband's neck was almost gone the following morning and after another night, was completely gone. I have been sleeping through the night without having to get up two or three times, and feeling so much better in the morning. I'm not tossing and turning all night now, plus I have not had one of those headaches since using the pillow. We will be travelling soon and can't imagine going without our "buckwheats". Many thanks to you.


12/01/2006: J. vanBerkon

"I took my buckwheat hull pillow into the operating room for a 9 hour procedure on my heart. I have chronic neck pain and couldn't have survived the surgery without my pillow. As a result, I had no neck pain, no headaches or stiffness after the procedure."


06/18/2003: Anonymous

I have had my 'perfect pillow' for about 6 months and I have not woken up with a pounding headache since. I can't leave home without my buckwheat hull pillow! So I have jsut ordered a travel pillow for my upcoming trip; smaller and lighter to pack in my luggage.


08/07/2001: S. O'Rourke

"I pruchased a regular size buckwheat hull pillow when you were selling them at the Civic Hospital. I just wanted to let you know that I love it. As a health care provider, I would recommend it to anyone who has neck and/or upper back problems as I do. It took no time for me to get used to it and I particularily like that it is so sanitary, as I also have allergies. An elderly patient of mine bought one and she loves it. A co-worker was given one by her physiotherapist for a neck injury and she also loves it. I must have at least 10 other orthopedic pillows in my closet that I can't use. I just wish I would have found this product first. It is very economical too, costing only about $5-$8 per year. Your perfect pillow has also reduced the number of headaches I get; I used to wake up with one every morning and I rarely have them now!"


02/26/2000: J & P Prudhomme

"Your buckwheat hull pillow is indeed perfect! My wife and I no longer suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches. We also use the smaller version in our dental office. Our patients love them during those long appointments. Many thanks."


11/03/1999: S. Croussett

Your 'perfect pillow' brightens up my mornings.. and the rest of my day (and my family's). For years I have been plagued with migraines or headaches when I wake up. For the past 3 weeks, I have not experienced that type of feeling when I first open my eyes.. and that is when I started sleeping on your buckwheat hull pillow. No more 'dislocated' jaw wither in the morning. The only problem? Our daughters keep stealing it for themselves. Usually I wait until they are asleep to take back "the" pillow. Last night, one of our daughters took it, and I did not have the courage to take it back, as she has back problems. This afternoon, when she came back from school she told me: "My back was not sore when I woke up this morning. I need a perfect pillow too." Her sister also wants one. So, I bought two more today. I will probably be back once my husband tries it too. Thank you very much for "the" perfect pillow."


05/12/1999: Dr. F. Smith, B.Sc., D.C., Smith Falls Family Chiropractic

"I introduced your buckwheat hull pillow to my practice approx. 1 year ago. During this time period I saw enough benefit to change my pillow recommendations. Currently, I almost exclusively recommend your buckwheat hull pillow to patients. Compliance with orthopedic pillows is traditionally low, however, i have experienced roughly 95% compliance rates with this product. Overall, combining the buckwheat hull pillow with treatment for neck related conditions has resulted in very positive results. I feel that this product is outstanding for maintaining correct sleeping posture for people of all ages and problems. This is largely due to the product's ability to adapt to every neck in virtually every sleeping position. it subtly offers a very firm support for cervical spine without sacrificing comfort. To date I have seen nothing but positive results from your buckwheat hull pillow and will continue to endorse it as my recommended sleeping device."


10/07/1998: S. Tessier

"I am a patient of Dr. R. nelson who treats me for migraines. I was one of those fortunate enough to have been offered one of your buckwheat hull pillows to try. I thought "what the heck - why not?" I have had my pillow for about 6 months now and I wouldn't part with it for anything. it has greatly reduced the number of migraines as well as helped with neck pain. I love it and thank you very much for allowing me to try it."