Sleep Apnea Reviews on Buckwheat Hull Pillows

07/06/2014: Marc G.

I have first purchased a buckwheat pillow in Quebec in a mill on the island of l'iles aux coudes near Quebec City. They have stopped making them for quite a time but i had those pillows for over ten years before my daughter bought one for me from your company two years ago. I have always enjoyed those pillows as they are the only one that keeps your head fresh all night since the buckwheat shell absorbs the heat from your head. They are also the best for wearing the sleep apnea mask as they will easily keep the form you put them in and allow for a very comfortable wearing of the apparatus. Finally I like the firmness of the pillows and I also have purchased the little 3 pound one for travel that allows you to keep continuity wherever you go.


03/19/2012: Anonymous

My husband and I have tried many pillows. Your buckwheat hull pillow has allowed us to get rid of sore, stiff necks. Better sleeps. I very rarely use my CPAP anymore.