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Cherry Berry


The first ever washable hot and cold pack containing dried cherry pits. Very similar to "Majic Bags", except the Cherry Berry is totally machine washable. Can be heated in microwave or cooled in freezer. There is also no bacteria build-up within the Cherry Berry, as the seeds are protected within the hard shell. When warmed, the Cherry Berry gives off a delightful cherry scent. No burnt smell - very opposite the what those bags of grain smell like after the seeds have been heated so many times.

To clean,  hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse with cold water thoroughly and air dry.  You can also place this all natural hot and cold pack in direct sunlight to sanitize, deodorize and renew the item, as you do with our buckwheat hull products.

Dimensions:  approx. 50 cm L x 10 cm W

Weight:  0.5 kg

Colors: blue

These make great stocking-stuffer gifts for the teacher, bus driver, babysitter, coach, mailman or just treat yourself!