About Us

The Company:

Buckwheat Pillow Canada has been manufacturing 100% Canadian hand-made buckwheat hull pillows and support products, nursing pillows and dog beds, since 1997.

Who we are:

Irene Foley and Judy Foley are a mother-daughter team.

How we started:

Irene was given a pillow from a friend that had visited overseas.  Irene had always woke up with tension is her neck and shoulders as well as having morning headaches.  After using the small version of this buckwheat hull pillow, she awoke after the second night with no tension and no headache and stated, "This is the perfect pillow!".  Family and friends soon found about Irene's discovery and wanted similar relief. Demand increased by word-of-mouth and in 1997 Irene started to manufacture this perfect pillow and sell at local craft and trade shows and shopping malls for the next 12 years or so. 

History of Company:

Buckwheat Pillow Canada was co-founded in 2010 by Irene and her daughter, Judy Foley, and took the business online. Currently we ship North-American wide.