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Please note that Subscription Pricing above is for a limited number of kits/year.  When our maximum has been reached, discounted subscription pricing will no longer be available; however single kits will still be available.

January/February 2023 DIY Kit - Regular OR Small Size Buckwheat Hull Pillow

What’s included in the January 2023 DIY Kit:

  • 100% pure and fluffy buckwheat hulls, from North American grown buckwheat 
    (3 lbs. for the small pillow OR 6 lbs. for the regular size)
  • 100% white cotton pillow ticking for the inside casing you will fill with the supplied buckwheat hulls 
  • 100% fleece (polyester) fabric OR 100% cotton fabric for the outer washable pillow case
  • a premium hand sewing kit
  • written instruction with photos for both hand and machine sewing
  • tutorial of basic stitches with photos
  • video tutorial with step-by-step instructions as well as a few handy tips

Sewing is definitely an art, taking much practice!  Christa Joy Morse, owner of Queen Pin Sewing in Renfrew, ON, walks you through the entire project. From threading the needle, tying the knot, and even a few stitching tips right to completing your project! 

Send us a pic of your finished project or videos of your progress and you will be highlighted on the DIY  Buckwheat Pillow Rockstar page!

If you like this project, we have a very limited number of Quarterly DIY Subscription Kits available which starts in January/February 2023, then April/May 2023, July/August 2023 and finally in October/November 2023.

Every 3 months you will receive a new DIY product from our online store.  We will contact you approximately 1 month prior to the next shipment so you may choose your fabric colour/pattern. 

Subscription pricing is averaged over the year and by product, so you will enjoy the same price for all kits throughout the year.

Just imagine how satisfying it will be when you create your very own hand-made Perfect Pillow product, all while being environmentally friendly.

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