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Welcome to The Perfect Pillow Co.

November 29, 2021 UPDATE:

Please note Home Office at: 927 March Rd., Kanata is  now CLOSED, as Irene Foley has retired and Judy Foley will be continuing the business at a new location.

If  you would like to wish Irene well in her retirement, please feel free to send regular mail to her directly at:
 Irene Foley, 927 March Rd., Kanata, ON  K2K 1X7
or email to: , and I will gladly forward to her.

Unfortunately, due to many unforeseen issues, getting back up and running is taking a lot longer than expected, but we are hoping to accept pre-orders soon for shipping starting January 2022 (sooner if possible!!).

Due to the personal nature of our products, we are making adjustments and moving and updating our manufacturing process to ensure product safety during this pandemic.

Please keep checking back or join our mailing list to keep up-to-date, as we will have original and new products including:

  • the Original buckwheat hull pillow - our staple item since 1998!
  • a new zippered version with option of purchasing extra buckwheat hulls to customize your buckwheat hull pillow
  • new pillow cases specially made to fit our buckwheat hull pillows
  • new "Build Your Own Buckwheat Hull Pillow Box" which will include all materials required (patterns, material for pillow and pillow case, buckwheat hulls, zipper (optional), small sewing kit along with a How-To Video) to create your very own buckwheat hull pillow.

Our website is open for your viewing; however, we regret that we are not accepting orders at this time.

ATT:  USA Visitors:

We now offer USD pricing!
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We invite you to review over 700+  testimonials from our customers telling us how our buckwheat hull pillows have relieved/aided with over 28 ailments.    

If you suffer from any of the ailments listed below, just click on it to read how others who also suffer with that ailment have found relief and are now enjoying life more fully.

If you find you are suffering from any of the above ailments, We add more reviews everyday!
Our products include buckwheat hull filled: sleeping pillows (regular and small) and neck pillows.

Benefits of Buckwheat Hulls as a filler:

  • all natural premium "fluffy" buckwheat hulls; no chemicals or preservatives added
  • 100% North American hand-made with all North American raw materials
  • provides passive support; the pillow does not try to regain its shape through the night as with foam
  • lasts 5-7 years
  • environmentally-friendly
  • zero-waste; just add used hulls to your composter, garden or flower beds (the soil loves it!)