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Please be aware that there is a company located overseas who sells a product called "Perfect Pillow", which is NOT our hand-made buckwheat hull pillows which we make in Kanata (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).
We only sell our products on our website and Etsy.

We invite you to review over 700+  testimonials from our customers telling us how our buckwheat hull pillows have relieved/aided with over 28 ailments.    

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Our products include buckwheat hull filled: sleeping pillows (regular and small), travel pillows, and neck pillows.

Check out our Cherry Berry - an all natural hot/cold pack filled with dried cherry pits. The only WASHABLE hot and cold pack with a natural filling!

Benefits of Buckwheat Hulls as a filler:

  • all natural premium "fluffy" buckwheat hulls; no chemicals or preservatives added
  • 100% North American hand-made with all North American raw materials
  • provides passive support; the pillow does not try to regain its shape through the night as with foam
  • lasts 5-7 years
  • environmentally-friendly
  • zero-waste; just add used hulls to your composter, garden or flower beds (the soil loves it!)