About Us

The Company:

Perfect Pillow Co. has been manufacturing 100% Canadian all-natural hand-made buckwheat hull pillows and natural support products since 1997. We only use North American grown buckwheat hulls - no imports!  Perfect Pillow Co. provides an alternative pillow for both back and side sleepers, is environmentally friendly / compostable and made from buckwheat by-product (the outer shell) that would normally go to waste.

Watch for Perfect Pillow Co. around Ontario craft shows, trade shows and farmers markets this year - we are going mobile!

Who we are:

Irene & Judy Foley

4549392 Canada Inc. dba Perfect Pillow Co. is currently owned and operated by Judy Foley, based in Dunrobin, ON.  Judy is very grateful that her husband and step-son are on board to help out when needed, just like Irene had her family help her throughout the years.

We have a dedicated sewing support from Queen Pin Sewing in Renfrew, ON. We are thrilled to have recently partnered with the very creative and talented Christa-Joy (QPS owner), where all our material are hand-cut are sewn with care using sewing machines.  Judy then completes the sewing after filling up each product.  There is no automated sewing. Perfect Pillow Co. & Queen Pin Sewing stands behind the quality of all our raw materials and workmanship 100% and strive to provide you with a simple, environmentally friendly and natural solution for your sleeping issues.  We think that if you sleep better, you'll live better!

How we started:

Irene (Mom) was given a pillow from a friend that had visited overseas.  Irene had always woke up with tension is her neck and shoulders as well as having morning headaches.  After using the small version of this buckwheat hull pillow, she awoke after the second night with no tension and no headache and stated, "This is the perfect pillow!".  Family and friends soon found out about Irene's discovery and they too wanted similar relief. Demand increased by word-of-mouth and in 1998 and with the help of her family, Irene started sewing up this perfect buckwheat hull pillow to sell at local craft / trade shows and shopping malls during the Christmas season for the next 12 years or so. Judy then joined Irene as a partner and incorporated in 2012 when Judy took the business online on the Shopify platform. In 2021, Judy took on full ownership as Irene retired, which is well deserved! 2022 has been a busy year, while we moved into new Ottawa & Area Retail Locations. 

Sadly, Irene passed away in July 2023; however, I strive to provide the same level of quality products mom did and look forward to seeing all our old customers as well as the new!

- Please note the Old Home Office at: 927 March Rd., Kanata is permanently CLOSED.

- Head Office at 1000 Innovation Dr., Kanata, ON is NOT a Sales Location - please visit The Handmade Hive in Carlingwood Mall, Ottawa, ON.