Do you ship to the USA?
Yes, we ship to the USA from our Kanata Head Office, at 'our cost'.  We now provide more economical options!

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What’s wrong with my regular pillow?

First, most pillows do not let your neck muscles relax therefore misaligning the spine. Second, many synthetic fibre, foam and feather pillows contain one or more of the following chemicals/preservatives: formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, anti-fungal agents, stabilizers and plasticizers! Every night we breathe in these chemicals. Third, after your regular pillow’s useful life, the pillow, along with any chemicals present, enter our landfills and continue to off-gas for  years and years. Buckwheat Hull pillows have a life span of approx. 5 years and hulls can be disposed of in your composter, garden or flower beds - the soil loves it!

Why buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat is not a grain like wheat, but a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum), related to the rhubarb family. The hulls are the husks that protect the buckwheat seed from the elements of nature. We use “fluffy” buckwheat hulls which are cleaned through an exclusive process of screen sifting and vacuuming. These fluffy hulls allow air to constantly circulate, therefore keeping your pillow cool. Hulls conform to the exact contours of your head, neck, shoulders and spine providing a passive support and a correctly aligned spine.

To zip or not to zip?

Our Original buckwheat hull pillows still have all seams sewn with the same amount of buckwheat hull filling for over 20 years.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. First, new users tend to want to start adjusting the amount of hulls right from the start. Too much filling will make the pillow feel hard, too firm and provide too much support, while not enough filling will make the pillow too flat with not enough hulls to provide proper support.  Both will affect your spinal alignment and not provide relief.
  2. Our amounts have been "tried and tested". We have used the same amount of filling for all products for over 20 years and are pretty sure our customers will agree.  We determined these amounts through consultation with various health professionals for their input as to proper head, neck and back alignment while sleeping along with feedback from users.

However, due to increasing demand, we have introduced a zippered version.

There are two reasons for this:

1. You can customize your pillow by adding or removing filling. We do understand that our set amount may not be quite right for everyone.

2. Easy to wash the pillow casing. Over time the inner case will become discolored. This is caused from the heat from your head releasing the natural color of the buckwheat hull.

    Are the buckwheat hulls Certified Organic?

    Yes.  We now have an organic buckwheat hulls as a filling option. Our growers and dehulling personally stand behind the superior quality of our buckwheat hulls and guarantee they are North-American grown, all natural with no chemicals or preservatives added.

    Why hemp/organic cotton blend outer pillow cases?

    Hemp is a natural fibre and is anti-microbial, providing an even 'greener' outer pillow case.  These cases get softer with every wash.

    Do buckwheat hull pillows make noise?

    Yes, the hulls move against each other, but only when adjust your position to get comfortable. Clients state that when using our buckwheat hull pillows they toss and turn less as they are more comfortable as they are now receiving the proper support and spinal alignment.

    How long does it take to get used to?

    The average is 2-3 nights. However, personally, it took me about 1 week, as I used to use 2 regular pillows. It can take up to one week to become accustomed to your new hull pillow. After 1 week of use clients state they cannot sleep on anything else! You must remember that you are, in most cases, drastically changing your sleeping position. Many use too many pillows or not enough. With a hull pillow, you will be aligning your head, neck and spine in the proper position which helps all the muscles relax.

    How do I use a buckwheat hull pillow?

    Fluff up your pillow towards the center. Lie down, pull the pillow down just to your shoulders (but shoulders not on the pillow) and then nestle your head to fit.  If you feel like you need a little more filling under your neck, just move / push some more hulls wherever needed with your hand(s).

    How do I clean my buckwheat hull pillow?

    Let ‘Mother Nature’ sanitize, deodorize and renew your hull pillow by placing in direct sunlight (indoors or outdoors) for 2-3 hours every 2-3 months. You can double pillow case your hull pillow for added protection as discoloration of the cotton casing will occur over time due to the natural colour of the hulls. If the pillow casing requires cleaning, open up the end seam / zipper, empty hulls, cold wash and dry cover, replace hulls and sew up seam / close zipper.  This is usually the time when you should start thinking about replacing.

    When do I replace my buckwheat hull pillow?

    The easiest way to check if your pillow does not provide enough support anymore, is to grab a handful of your pillow.  If it 'squishes" in your hand, your pillow is still providing good support.  If not 'squishy', it's definitely time for a new one!  If you just need a new inside pillow case, please visit our Catalogue where replacement cases are available.


    Buckwheat is not a grain like wheat, but a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum) related to the rhubarb. The hulls are the husks that protect the buckwheat kernel (seed) from the various elements of nature. Our buckwheat is 100% Canadian grown without chemicals or pesticides and no preservatives are added.

    Although you may find that buckwheat hull pillows vary greatly in price, here are some reasons why:

    • The de-hulling process used:
      "Fluffy" hulls are of superior quality.  When the 3-sided shell of the buckwheat is de-hulled (removing the shell from the seed) it should end up in 2 pieces; 1 piece should be 1 sided, and the other should be 2 sided.  The 2-sided ones are what we call the fluffy ones, which offer a better cushioning effect.  Inferior buckwheat hull pillows may have only the single sided hulls, which tends to make the pillow hard.  Using the entire seed with the shell as filling will definitely soon have dust mites/bugs and bacteria/mold. The quality of the buckwheat hulls used as filling usually determines the selling price. 
    • The cleanliness of the buckwheat hulls:
      Clean buckwheat hulls are of superior quality. We use a 3 step cleaning process to ensure there is no seed, stalk, chaffe or other debris present in the buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls are an inert substance meaning it has no nutritional value and also will not burn. If you find seeds or other debris within your buckwheat hull pillow, you will probably start to get dust mites as well as mold growth.
    • Source of cotton and raw materials:
      We use only North American raw materials; 100% cotton and hemp and 100% pure all natural North American grown buckwheat hulls.  Beware of imported buckwheat hull pillows as most have been treated with chemicals before they reach North America.  Our buckwheat hulls have no pesticides, preservatives or chemicals added.  We hand pick our growers and processors.

    Advantages of buckwheat hulls as a natural pillow filling

    • In North America, products containing buckwheat hulls are being prescribed by health care professionals for the relief of neck and back pain, headaches/migraines, muscle tension, snoring, cervical and lumbar sublaxation, sleeplessness and TMJ syndrome. Night sweats from illness and menopause have been noted to be greatly reduced.
    • We believe that you should not be exposed to chemicals when you are sleeping. Most synthetic fibre, foam and feather pillows have formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, antifungal agents, stabilizers, plasticers, etc... added. All products are chemical free.
    • Foam pillows are made from a petroleum product. Hull pillows are 100% pure and have no chemicals or preservatives added.
    • The most important quality for the relief of discomfort is that the hulls conform to the exact contours of your head, neck, shoulders and spine providing a passive support.
    • The same amount of support is provided for all areas of the head and neck minimizing the stress on all areas of support. Other filling materials which compress, try to recover their original shape and this puts stress on the muscles of the neck.
    • The buckwheat hull filling has a "cooling effect". The hulls tend to curl when moisture (perspiration) is introduced, leaving increased paths for air circulation. If you want to cool off fast, just turn the product over. 100% cotton coverings should be used to achieve the desired effect.
    • The hull products have the ability to adjust to individual needs. Just fluff up and burrow to fit. When sleeping, keep the pillow tight to the shoulders. Adjusting to the buckwheat hull pillows may take a few nights, just as it would any new pillow.
    • The hulls lasts for many years. Long after other pillows have collapsed and worn out, the hull pillow will still be fully functional. Estimated life expectancy is 3-5 years. The hulls may discolour the cotton cover, which is normal as it is a natural product..
    • All products are 100% pure and have no chemicals or preservatives added and are non-allergenic. An exclusive cleaning process uses screen sifting and vacuum cleaning.

    Important Information

    • To sanitize, deodorize and renew your natural buckwheat hull products, place in direct sunlight for 2 hours every couple of months.
    • Do not wash buckwheat hull products, only the removable covers. Wash in cold water and hang to dry. All material used is 100% cotton or 100% cotton/hemp blend.
    • Hulls will naturally discolour material over time. To wash inner cover, open the zipper or 'outside seam' located on one end, empty buckwheat hulls, wash cover in cold water, hang to dry, using a funnel, return hulls and close zipper / sew up seam.
    • To obtain the optimum "cooling effect", choose our 100% hemp/cotton blend outer pillow cases available. Do not cover any buckwheat hull products with plastic. Hulls are natural, therefore need to 'breathe'.
    • Every hull product carries a one year warranty on workmanship.
    • Heating hull products is NOT recommended for safety reasons.  As there are no seeds, there is no heat stored in the hulls / shells.
    • Products are NOT recommended infant use for safety reasons. 
    • For medical related questions, please consult your health provider.