Shoulder Pain Reviews on Buckwheat Hull Pillows

08/07/2014: Roland G.

A bit difficult to get use to, but after 4 days neck is feeling like a new one and shoulder are getting better.


03/17/2014: C.L.

I love my buckwheat does my husband !! It has improved our sleeping so much. My face is always cool and I wake up without any kinks in my neck, shoulders and back!!


03/15/2014: Carole B.

5 years ago I found out I was allergic to feathers, all my life I slept on feather pillows. I bought every kind there is on the market. Since i changed for other kinds, ended up with a frozen shoulder...until I heard about this buckwheat pillow and I had to try it. At first I was reluctant about the noise and now I love this pillow better than a feather pillow. I position it the way I like it and it doesn't flattened out after a few hours. I don't notice the noise anymore and wake up more refreshed than with the other ones. For me, it is the best so far on the market. And yes, no more frozen shoulder!!


07/05/2013: Anonymous

I was in a serious auto accident in 2007 which left my shoulders, neck, head, ears and jaw in pain 24/7. I was at the International Plowing Match and purchased my buckwheat hull pillow.Usually I use a scooter outside about 90% of the time, but the other day I spent walking from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.! Yesterday was the first time in 15 months that I was pain free and was still pain free at the end of the day. Thank God and you for this product.


01/28/2013: L. Lawrenson

"I purchased my first buckwheat pillow just recently and I can not depart with it now. I have cystic fibrosis so I have chronic back, shoulder and neck pain from coughing and not being able to breath well. After having the pain for about two years, i have tried every solution known: hot packs, creams and medication, only go so far. I thought that it was time to try something different and more natural.
After reading articles in the local paper and having others refer this pillow to me, I thought it was time to try it. For its long life span, it is definitely worth it's value. My hardest challenge was getting used to sleeping with my arms down from my head to allow the pillow to provide the support the instead. I always used my arms to help elevate my head to make it easier to breathe. The crunchy noise took a night or two to get used to.
I went away last weekend and I did not bring my pillow. We ended up coming home a day early because I was so uncomfortable sleeping the first night away.
I am copying my nurse coordinator at the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic to show how much I am satisfied with this product. There are many patients like me who are aching every night.  We are all Olympic champions at coughing!
Currently, my shoulders are starting to relax and lower from being so tight and raised upwards. My headaches have reduced by half and I'm sleeping much deeper."


10/26/2012: Faye

"I received my buckwheat hull pillow with thanks. The one I bought at the Plowing Match has helped my shoulders - they are not uncomfortable like they have been. The coolness is also great. My friend also bought one and ithas helped the numbness in his hands."


07/26/2008: M. MacCuaig

"Just wanted to drop a line to add my testimonial to your long list of happy customers. I've just bought my second buckwheat hull pillow and can't thank you enough for the wonderful product you make. I, like so many others, suffered from neck and shoulder pain for years. Physio and massage was slow to help me - if at all. The pain always returned. Once I started using your buckwheat hull pillow, I noticed an improvement within a couple of weeks. If I travel and forget to take it with me, I start aching again. My husband laughs at me hauling this pillow around with me, but what can I say: it works!"


08/18/2006: H. LeBreton

"I am writing to thank you greatefully for the relief I have enjoyed since beginning to use your buckwheat hull pillow just a  week ago. I have suffered daily from neck and shoulder pain for the past 3 years, probably due to bad sleeping posture and daily computer use. In an attempt to find relief over the years, I sought ergonomic assessments of my workstation, massage therapy treatments and specialized exercise classes. Although all those efforts did help, only your 'perfect pillow' was able to eliminate the pain. I am comfortable for the first time in a long time. Thanks so much!"


09/24/2000: M. Lefebvre

"I recently bought one of your large buckwheat hull pillows for myself. To give you my history, I broke my back 26 years ago at the age of 21 and had suffered since then with neck and back pain. I have paid many visits to the doctor and chiropractor for relief and had tried other chiropractic pillows. They worked for a while, but then they flattened out and no longer offered any relief. I admit I wasn't sure a buckwheat hull pillow was the answer to my problem, but I was at the point where I felt desperate to find relief. I bought your pillow on a Friday and tried it that night expecting it to take a week to adjust to it, but to my amazement and utter relief, I slept soundly and woke up with my  neck not in a knot! I have always been quite stiff between the head and shoulders and was always aware of fatigue and strain in my neck but I now have complete relief and can't wait to go to bed at night! I have since bought a buckwheat hull pillow for my mother who sufferes from DDD (Degenerative Disk Disease) an my husband who wanted to find out what I was raving about-needless to say, he enjoys his pillow immensely. I would personally like to thank Irene and Judy for caring enough to make these perfect pillows available for those who suffer from various problems. A good night's rest with less pain does wonders!"


05/12/1999: Dr. F. Smith, B.Sc., D.C., Smith Falls Family Chiropractic

"I introduced your buckwheat hull pillow to my practice approx. 1 year ago. During this time period I saw enough benefit to change my pillow recommendations. Currently, I almost exclusively recommend your buckwheat hull pillow to patients. Compliance with orthopedic pillows is traditionally low, however, i have experienced roughly 95% compliance rates with this product. Overall, combining the buckwheat hull pillow with treatment for neck related conditions has resulted in very positive results. I feel that this product is outstanding for maintaining correct sleeping posture for people of all ages and problems. This is largely due to the product's ability to adapt to every neck in virtually every sleeping position. it subtly offers a very firm support for cervical spine without sacrificing comfort. To date I have seen nothing but positive results from your buckwheat hull pillow and will continue to endorse it as my recommended sleeping device."


04/28/1999: Dr. G. B. Wexler, DDS, Diplomate, American Board of Orofacial Pain

"I have had the opportunity now to try your buckwheat hull pillow. I, personally, can recommend this pillow very highly. It has eliminated significant neck and shoulder pain for me. As you are aware I have used these pillows with my TMJ (Tempromandibular Dysfunction) and orofacial patients. Many of them have found significant relief from using buckwheat hull pillows especially when symptoms were related to dysfunction of the cervical region. These pillows have now provided me with an additional tool that I can use to assist in pain relief for my patients. I recommend them very highly."