Snoring Reviews on Buckwheat Hull Pillows

03/14/2014: Kathleen R.

I have been using these pillows for a number of years now and needed a new one. I love that all I need to do is open it up and throw it in my flower bed or compost to dispose of it. I ordered 3 so as to have 1 to pass on to my brother-in-law. His wife had been saying how he tosses and turns and his head would get very sweaty at night. His wife said the first night she kept waking up to make sure he was still breathing because he wasn't snoring as he usually did. He absolutely found it improved his sleep and his wife says that he hardly snores at all now which improves her sleep as well. The other was passed on to a friend who found it improved her sleep as well. Both said it took them about 3 nights to get used to the difference from regular pillows Will probably be ordering more soon as I like to have a spare on hand and I know my brother-in-law will be wanting one for his cottage.


06/17/2014: Lois B.

We love our pillows, I have not had to use my flo nase since using the pillows, also I don't wake up with a sore neck, my husband's snoring has stopped.


02/26/2008: Anonymous

Several years ago I purchased your buckwheat hull pillow and have enjoyed good sleep ever since. Prior to using this perfect pillow, I wasn't sleeping well, snoring, plus was having neck and back issues. I tried several different pillows but the only one to help was your buckwheat hull pillow. This has saved me countless doctor visits and other medical attention from just switching to this incredible 'perfect pillow'.


05/12/1999: Dr. F. Smith, B.Sc., D.C., Smith Falls Family Chiropractic

"I introduced your buckwheat hull pillow to my practice approx. 1 year ago. During this time period I saw enough benefit to change my pillow recommendations. Currently, I almost exclusively recommend your buckwheat hull pillow to patients. Compliance with orthopedic pillows is traditionally low, however, i have experienced roughly 95% compliance rates with this product. Overall, combining the buckwheat hull pillow with treatment for neck related conditions has resulted in very positive results. I feel that this product is outstanding for maintaining correct sleeping posture for people of all ages and problems. This is largely due to the product's ability to adapt to every neck in virtually every sleeping position. it subtly offers a very firm support for cervical spine without sacrificing comfort. To date I have seen nothing but positive results from your buckwheat hull pillow and will continue to endorse it as my recommended sleeping device."